Food lockers hardware


Cold, frozen, hot food lockers

Penguin food lockers accommodate a wide range of storage needs ensuring proper temperature control for all perishable items, from hot meals to flowers. By combining multiple modules with different conditioning options, you can set up your perfect station.

Chilled: from +2 °C / +36 °F to +20 °C / +68 °F
Frozen: -18 °C / 0 °F
Heated:   +65 °C / +149 °F
Ambient: surrounding air temperature

Food lockers hot, cold, frozen

15+ different locker sizes

Deep? Wide? Tall? Narrow? Whatever food locker you need, we have it! Penguin Lockers stands out by providing a comprehensive range of 15 different compartment sizes. Whether you’re delivering small single portion desserts, sandwich boxes, larger meals like pizza or tall flowers in pots, there’s a suitable compartment size available for you.

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Food lockers big size small size

Self closing doors, to preserve the cold chain

Keep doors closed is mission critical to avoid cold chain interruptions and consequent compulsory service suspensions as requested by governative regulations. Penguin food lockers seriously address these requirement as follows.

Doors do not open alone, they just flash

Unlike the industry standard, our doors just unlock and flashes instead of being automatically pushed out. This feature avoids accidentally forgotten-open-foors, in particular during retrieval across multiple lockers, such as in grocery deliveries.

Doors close alone, no push by hand needed

Unlike the industry standard, requiring to push or slam the doors to close them, Penguin Lockers doors, once left by the user’s hands, automatically reach the close position.

Food lockers self closing doors

Low noise food lockers, suitable for indoor as well

Our food lockers are meticulously designed for silence, making them suitable for indoor installations also. Indoor-friendly components such as silenced compressors and low RPM fans enable usage in various settings like co-working spaces, offices and residential buildings. In fact, Penguin lockers emit noise levels comparable to high-end home fridges, measuring around 36-40 dB (depending on models).

Low noise food lockers

Compact locker modules, easy to install with minimal foot print

Benefit from flexibility, scalability and portability coming from 1-door-width modules instead of typical 3-doors-width available in the market. The compact size of Penguin modules allows you to get the right storage capacity within a smaller footprint. You can easily expand or reduce your storage capacity by adding or removing modules as required. The compact size makes them more portable and easier to relocate if necessary. In case of multiple storage temperatures, it easier to set up a right sized pick up station.

Food lockers compact small size

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Last update: 23 Jul 2023