Food lockers price

Key factors that influence the overall cost of a food lockers station

Number of served users

The number of users the food locker station can accommodate is a crucial factor in determining its cost. More users means more doors, more locks, more electronics and cabling, more quality testing. All these factors influence the final cost of the hardware and the after-sales costs and proactive maintenance as well.

Size of compartments

The size of compartments within the food locker station directly affects the cost. Larger compartments require more materials for construction, including sturdy walls, doors, and shelving systems.

Optional features

Optional features like glass doors, self-closing doors, internal lights and vinyls can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the food locker station. However, these features may increase the cost of the investment.

Software Integration

If a software integration is needed, for example, with a web shop or inventory management system, it can impact the cost of the food locker station. The complexity of the integration and the specific requirements of the software will influence the overall cost..