Vending lockers for food and other perishables

Our hot/cold food lockers come equipped with advanced software functionalities designed to streamline the on-site selling workflow. These features include kiosk remote control, inventory management, and real time sales control. Dynamic discounts rules can be set, in order to automatically pursuit to sold-out goal.


How do vending food lockers work?

Select the product

The locker station is provided with a digital catalog, running on a large 21” touch screen. All products are listed with images, ingredients, availability and prices. User selects the product and presses the buy button.

Pay with card

User swipes their card on the card reader. The card reader will read the information from the user’s card, verify the payment, and finalize the transaction.

Take the product

Once the transaction has been finalized, the user is invited to open the flashing door and take the product. Once done, the door will automatically close.

Digital kiosk

Our vending food lockers are equipped with a touch catalog running on a 21″ touch display. UX design prioritizes usability and conversion by conveying the right information at the right moment. Some remarkable features are:

  • Completely configurable.
  • Intro video or image.
  • Detailed information: images, descriptions, ingredients, nutritional facts, allergens.
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • Clear payment instructions
  • Multi language ready.
  • Remote content management of images and texts.
Food lockers vending machine catalog

Checkout scales

Our lockers can be equipped with checkout scales, with the advantage of storing more items per each locker (same weight, same price).

How it works

In lockers with scales configuration, the payment process is slightly different: when a user swipes the card, a payment pre-authorization is initiated, similar to automatic petrol stations. Once pre-authorization is approved, the user is enabled to open the locker door and take the desired number of items. After closing the door, the scale accurately calculates the number of withdrawn items and the user is charged accordingly.

Lern morearrow_forward_ios
Food lockers with counting scales

Keep your sales under control

Our dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor your sales, in particular:

Real-time inventory tracking
The dashboard provides real-time visibility into the inventory levels of each locker.

Remote sales monitoring and promotion
The dashboard offers remote control of sales, allowing the you to update photos, texts, pricing or promotions, and manage inventory levels without physically visiting each machine.

Machine health monitoring
The dashboard monitors the health and status of vending machines, providing alerts and notifications for maintenance or service needs.

Food lockers software

Food Lockers vs Vending Machines

6 reasons why vending food lockers are better than traditional vending machines when selling fresh products.


Fresh products inside

Customers know that food lockers are stocked with freshly made food that is produced on-site or nearby, instead of pre-packaged items sitting in the machine for extended periods.


Friendly picking

Food lockers offer an intuitive picking experience. People appreciate the simplicity of opening a door and pick up their food, instead of waiting for a robotic delivery.


Faster loading

Food lockers are easier to load due to accessible compartments, while vending machines require interaction with intricate stocking mechanisms and limited space.


Gentle with fragile products

Standard vending machines push, drop, and tip the packages when dispensing. On the contrary, food lockers cannot damage the products as they are retrieved directly by customers’ hands.


Good for any package

Unlike vending machines having fixed-size slots, food lockers can accommodate a wide range of package sizes, shapes and quantities thanks to spacious compartments.


Reliable conditioning

Food lockers are designed to maintain proper temperature, even in extreme conditions, preserving freshness and quality, meeting food safety regulations and ensuring customer satisfaction.