Shopify ready food lockers

We are pleased to announce that our food lockers are already fully integrated with Shopify, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. This integration offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to implement our food lockers into their operations.

Benefits of Shopify integration

Automatic Order Synchronization

With the Shopify integration, orders placed on your online store are automatically synchronized with our food lockers. This eliminates the need for manual processes to transfer order details, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors.

Simplified Inventory Management

The integration with Shopify enables more efficient inventory management. Whenever an order is placed through your online store, our food lockers automatically update the available stock, providing you with real-time visibility of your product quantities.

Real-time Order Monitoring

Through the integration, you can monitor the status of orders in real-time directly from your Shopify dashboard. This allows you to track each order’s progress, from receipt to customer pickup at our food lockers.

Automated Customer Notifications

When an order is placed, and the customer selects pickup through the food lockers, the Shopify integration allows for automatic notifications to be sent to customers, informing them that their order is ready for pickup at our food lockers. This improves customer communication and keeps them informed about the status of their order.

Integrated Purchase Experience

The Shopify integration creates a seamless and integrated purchase experience for your customers. They can browse products on your online store, place their order, and conveniently select pickup through our food lockers, all within the same platform.

With our integration with Shopify, we offer a streamlined management experience, accurate inventory control, and an efficient and automated order pickup process. Take advantage of this integration to optimize your operations, improve efficiency, and provide convenient and reliable product pickup service to your customers.