What companies use food lockers?

We have consolidated experience with the following clients. For each of the use cases below we provide dedicated solutions in terms of lockers configuration and managing software.


Grocery retailers

Our weather-resistant food lockers, strategically positioned in gas stations, subway stations, squares, empower grocery retailers to efficiently reach their online customers while simultaneously reducing logistic costs. Thanks to our API we can easily integrate with any grocery ordering system. We know well how to manage the grocery click and collect workflow, from accurate cold chain monitoring to groupage of products.


Catering companies

Our hot/cold food lockers enable catering companies to sell/deliver meals with efficiency. Thanks to our API we can easily integrate with any ordering system. We know well how to manage the catering workflow, from menu planning to multiple work shifts. We provide advanced on-site selling solutions like counting scales and remote control of digital kiosks, with remote editing of descriptions, images, and prices. Dynamic discounts and promotions are also possible.


Quick service restaurants (fast foods)

Our pass-through lockers for fast foods empower kitchen staff to serve meals directly to customers or riders, ensuring a seamless and contact-free experience. Thanks to our extensive API, we can integrate with any ordering system. Additionally, we offer integration-free solutions using OCR recognition of paper receipts.



Student houses

Our purpose-built lockers for personal storage enable student houses to foster organization, security, and peace of mind in their communal kitchens. Access to each compartment can be granted through a numerical code input or by swiping an identification badge on the reader. Our system is already integrated with Salto solutions.




Our all-weather food lockers provide farmers with a convenient solution for selling their products in close proximity to their farms. This reduces transportation efforts, attracts local customers, and strengthens the farm-to-table connection. Since our lockers are equipped with glass doors and internal lights, customers can easily inspect the products before making a purchase, leading to increased sales volumes.



Pastry shops

Our chilled/frozen lockers, equipped with glass doors and internal illumination, provide an ideal solution for pastry producers aiming to reach new customers through click and collect or on-site selling workflows. Our digital kiosk is capable of showcasing stunning photos and videos, captivating people and generating fascination for your products. Dynamic discounts and promotions can be easily implemented to enhance sales.



Residential and HOA

Our compact and noiseless food lockers ensure a hassle-free delivery experience for groceries, pizzas, farm products, cakes and more, even in the absence of residents. Installation is easy thanks to one-door-width modules. In contrast to the industry standard, using flammable polyurethane insulation, our lockers are equipped with fire-resistant materials, ensuring complete elimination of fire hazards.


Perfect for non-food perishables as well


Flower retailers

Our temperature and humidity controlled lockers enable flower retailers to offer round-the-clock sales, providing convenience to customers and reducing wastage. The winter heating function of our flower lockers is specifically designed to preserve flowers in cold countries. Additionally, the humidity control feature effectively prevents moisture buildup on the interior side of the glass doors, maintaining optimal conditions for flower storage and selling.




Our temperature-controlled lockers placed in front of pharmacies provide convenient and safe 24/7 retrieval of temperature-sensitive medicines. Our lockers also ensure easy access for individuals with impaired mobility.



Labs and hospitals

Our temperature-controlled lockers provide laboratories and hospitals with secure storage, chain of custody tracking, and efficient 24/7 retrieval. They also offer precise temperature control to safeguard the integrity of sensitive items.